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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 28, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> some consumer news for you. california animae not be exempt from service fees. attorney general harris says it's illegal to charge california and the fee but it's unclear if the new fee aplay to internet sales and out of state merchant. even businesses located out of state are just not sure. >> we are really only be the smaller retailers or service providers who might do it. but it's really anybody's guess. >>reporter: and one place we may look for guidance is australia. stores there initially did in the tack on the surcharge but now most do. it's more business news. apple has regained the title of most valuable company in the united states. exxon had the title for all of one day last week. apple stock rebounded however today. after hours trading it closed at just above 4 50 dollars a share.
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>> good news for yahoo under myers reboot the company posted earnings that beat analyst forecast. shares of yahoo jumped 4.5% to 21.22 in after hours trading on the news. now yahoo reported fourth quarter profit of 2 72 million on revenue up 1.2 billion. so profit lower. revenue higher an that's the first re gain in 4 years. >> get this. home in san mateo county has become most expensive ever sold in california. this sprawling mansion ind with side went for 117.5 million dollars in november. the 8900 square foot home was built in 2005. it features more than 8 acres of hilltop space showing view of the surrounding mountsd from every angle of the home. not clear who purchased this estate. whoever did however spent more than 13,000 dollars
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square foot. that truly is a home that is someone's castle. >> when we come back. michael reports on the frustrated fans who say that the 49ers have not offered enough superbowl tickets to their most faithful followers. >> we have local reaction to new idea for settling the immigration issue. there are signs of bipartisan cooperation tonight in washington on this also here. motorcyclist who al[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> a lot of 49ers season ticket holders are frustrated tonight. they can't get in the superbowl and now questioning how the team distributes tickets for the big game. the team is not saying much but
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certainly isn't stopping michael from looking into this. >> jeff smith of brentwood displayed the autograph from forty-niner coach jim harbaugh photograph. he has been a season ticket holder since 1980 but never been able to buy tickets for the superbowl. >> i don't think they have enough tickets for the season ticket holders. >>reporter: florence of san francisco has been a season ticket holder going back to the stadium here. she can't get tickets either. >> everybody i know that were season ticket holders have not gotten tickets. >> between florence and jeff the 2 say they know 18 different groups of season ticket holders. none won the lottery for superbowl tickets held for season ticket holders by the 49ers. >> into the end zone for the touch down. >>reporter: in fact an unscientific poll of 13 other season ticket holder groups this one conducted by 7 on your
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side found none won the lottery either. >> i got my ticket. >>reporter: those that did win had the opportunity to pick up their tickets on friday. we asked the 49ers how many tickets were made available to fans. citing team policy. 49ers. declined to disclose that information. we asked what the odds were of winning. the team said everyone had an equal chance of winning but the team declined to disclose the odds. >> they should, you know, show us exactly how many tickets are available and maybe how the process works. >>reporter: according to the nfl just over 25% of the tickets at the superbowl went directly to the league. another 17.5 percent or 12250 tickets went to the 49ers. equal amount went to the baltimore ravens. new orleans saints who are hosting the game got 5 percent of the tickets. the remaining 35 percent were divided among the remaining 29
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nfl teams. the league says how many each of the teams make available for purchase by fans is left up to each team. >> i think they limit the ticket people are able to buy. >> disappointment. i want the to take my mom to the superbowl. >>reporter: 49ers say they understand people frustration. and point out they can get tickets by purchasing a travel package through official travel partner prime sport. >> i was wondering how do all the agency have all the season tickets when the fans, you kno know, the true faithful fans like myself don't get a chance to buy them. >>reporter: tickets are also available through nfl ticket exchange but those are at inflated prison and fans we talk to say they can't afford nor are they willing to pay those prices. i'm michael, 7 on your side. >> chances of sweeping immigration reform in congress got a boost today when 6
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senators 3 republicans and 3 democrat reveal they have hammered out the framework for a deal. david has the story tonight from san jose. >>reporter: it is stunning for san jose hispanic community to learn republicans on the same page to work for immigration reform that impacts 11 million people lacking legal status. >> we need to be honest with ourselves about important immigration is for our economy. agriculture. workers and other laborers and already here now that are making contributions towards our future. i think today is important first step. ♪ . >> that was music to the ear of community in which many family live in the shadow because of micked immigration status. parents and older children may undocumented while younger children may american born. she has undocumented relatives and doesn't want to go into detail about the status but the news from washington excites
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her. >> there will be a lot of people out there who will be able to finally see, get a driver's license. get a working permit. being visible. and more opportunity. >>reporter: however concerns are also being raised about the wording of the agreement. rodriguez is policy director at the immigrant advocate group siren in san jose. >> wording that it has is that there is tough and sensible solutions for immigration reform and one that is concerns is what the tough means. >>reporter: community leaders think republican got a strong message in the november election when 70% of the hispanic voters supported president. >> they have a chance to create a bipartisan coalition because we need both parties and that gives up unique opportunity. >>reporter: immigration reform may face tougher opposition in the house the president is moving forward. he is going to be in las vegas tomorrow to outline his vision for immigration reform. in san
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jose, david, abc 7 news. >> let's go over seas for a couple moments. air force is searching italy sea for lost f-60 fighter jet. air force lost contact with the jet during a training mission. one pilot is on board. in some other news police in santa maria brazil detained 2 band members and owner of the night club where a fire broke out killing 2 33 people early sunday. fourth person being sought for questioning. investigators say the fast moving fire was started by pyrotechnic on stage at the kiss night club. one member of the 6 piece band was among those killed. most of the victims were students from a nearby university. funeral started today. defense minister country launch add monkey into orbit in strapped into a missile launched into space. iran hopes to send a man in space by 2020. today launch is certainly cause for concern for
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the united states. it indicates significant progress by iran to launch long range ballistic missile. watching very coastally in washington. >> eastern china. motorcycle rider really is lucky. look at this waiting for traffic light the truck overturned to nearly crush the guy on the pwichblingt he couldn't believe what happened. we show it to you again in slow motion. watch. truck just almost lands right on top of him. look at this. just inches literally. fortunately neither he or anyone else was injured. wow! couldn't have been any closer. >> all right. body by google. just ahead. inside google. employee perk may the secret to to losing some weight.
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>> assistant district attorney have begun visiting schools in san francisco as a way to fight crime. they are the not there to discipline kids but to act as mentor. study show students who meet with mentor do better in school. >> i have had a mentor for 6 months. im paragraph attendance by over 40 percent and gpa up nearly 40 percent. we know it works. >>reporter: about 1,000 san francisco students have expressed interest in having a mentor. anyone i wanted can attend a mentor recruitment drive scheduled for this thursday evening at marcus book store on fill more street. new study says almost half of working college graduates hold jobs for which they are over qualified. researchers say the situation could last for another decade, too. part of the blame is due to the glut of college applicant. even so research shows that college
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graduates earn twice as much as those with only a high school education. now to google and the company cafeteria. turns out they are as optimize as the company search engine. here's our news anchor. >> lunch time at the office in manhattan at google. the cafeteria is hyper analyzed and reengineered. which means loaded with nudge, nudge people to healthy choices. >> come right in the entrance over here what is nice you see the salad bar first. starving like me you go for the first thing you see. exactly. >>reporter: research shows people tend to pile up on the first thing they see. so the salad bar now occupies prime real estate. >> all the different color-coded signs here to let you know what is healthy and obviously everything in the salad bar is more or less pretty healthy. >>reporter: wasn't always this way. the healthy nudge began when google people started complaining they were packing on the pounds. >> some people may gain 15 pounds when they start working here. >> because the food is so grea
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great. >> hopefully yes. >>reporter: joe is the executive chef at google manhattan office. he says the unlimited food perk originally designed to maximize productivity and loyalty had an undesired side effect. >> i don't think i would ever leave the cafeteria why if i worked here. >> a lot of people don't. >>reporter: so now smaller plates and take out containers nudge you to take smaller portions. no one wants to be seen with too much on their plate. naughty dessert aren't taken away but placed way in the back. scarlet label shout out these calorie count. but offered in small bite size servings. enough to satisfy a craving. but not a diet hit. >> a certain size or bite count in mind. >> keep it small. let them have the beautiful delicious dessert but not gorge on it. >> it's behavioral economic decision science. >>reporter: jennifer heads the department at google called people analytical she crunched
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the numbers and overhauled how food was presented. the make row kitchen were famous for tempting junk food dispenser this is where the m&m used to be. you could i manual. pull the handle and you get a lot of love. >>reporter: just swapping out cereal for the chocolate made a huge impact. >> we found that we know we moved the m&m from the gravity bin to the container. didn't take them away. everything is still there. in seven weeks new york google consumed 3.1 million fewer calories. from m&m. people like to know the number at google. data driven company. >>reporter: they say here never more than 150 feet away from some sort of food. >> we are busy. everyone has work trying to get done so we don't have to think about what it is they are going to grab for a snack. let's make this thing that people default to the healthiest one possible. >>reporter: the drink selection was also ripe for behavior modification. >> put all the water pwoumingts
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and found google get more water when they can just grab it. >>reporter: bush man gained more than the google faichbility candy was very aluring. very flowing free flowing. literally free flowing. we had the machines. they were dangerous. >>reporter: now like most google she's grateful for the nudge. >> once they moved the m&m did you eat less. >> absolutely. everybody really enjoyed natural healthy food we just were busy. we grab what is right in front of us. >>reporter: she trimmed down thanks to in-house exercise class and healthier food choices. >> do people feel manipulated. >> environment is structured to make them behave in a certain way? >> how can i feel? manipulated that i am being encouraged to be healthy. if anything i'm grateful that a company that essentially needs me to do productive work to help them do their business cares to help me be a healthier individual. i can't complain. anybody who does is misguided.
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>>reporter: don't work for going toll like a nudge here and there to make healthy choices even not aware. this is from new york. >> wow! just for the record spencer rides a scooter through the newsroom on occasion. >> snowmobile stunt at the x games takes a very dangerous turn. see what happens. st
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another mishap frightening one at the snowmobile competition at the winter x games in aspen. australian competitor lost control while attempting a back flip last night. watch. he flew off the snowmobile then landed in the snow but the snowmobile took off that the crowd. there it goes. one spectator needed medical attention but no serious injuries were reported. that's the good news. could have been
9:52 pm
horrible. >> mean time snowmobileer moore remains in the intensive care unit. of grand junction hospital after this crash on thursday. moore being treated for brain injury. also developed bleeding around his heart. boy that is scary stuf stuff. heavy machines and those wild stunts. bound to happen. >> one last check on the weather. which is spectacular and spencer is here to update. >> looking pretty good. time lapse view this afternoon from our high definition south beach camera downtown san francisco looking eastward across the ba bay. mainly blue sky with few thin high clouds moving overhead and we still have a few thin high cloud you see on live doppler 7 hd and skies clear. pleasant right now. state wide nice and sunny and mild down south. pleasantly cool up in the central part of the state. a little bit cloudy up around eureka a with a few showers. here in the bay area no showers tomorrow. just sunny skies. some thin high clouds again tomorrow but certainly bright sunshine, high pressure generally in the upper 50's to right around 60 degrees
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and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. gets even milder midweek. high pressure climbing that the mid 60's and we have the mild pat he were through the weekend. it's an awesome week coming up. saturday ground hog day. sunday superbowl sunday and monday celebrating the niners victory. that is premature. >> you are right. punxsutawney phil there is more winter if he sees his schaad oychlt that's the way the legend goes. >> early in the broadcast larry is in new orleans as they say. covering the superbowl. we have. >> holding down the forth in san francisco. harbaugh talks about what it's like growing up with younger brother jim. >> down under. andrew makes >>[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot,
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. people get ag an eyeful from twitter app. parents are furious. now twitter deals with rush of x rated content. also at 11:00. >> extra wing. extra sauce. extra everything.
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>> preparation are in full swing for local superbowl parties. look at some bay area businesses that are cashing in on all the 49ers excitement. those stories plus live superbowl reports from new orleans on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. rick is here with all the sports and of course the big buildup to the big game. >> it's going to be going on all week folks. now t minus 6 days and counting for superbowl xlvii. 49ers remain 3 and a half point favorite. to beat baltimore to win the sixth championship. new orleans how the local like to call it known for bourbon street and the rowdy french quarter. 49ers hotel is located near there. but for at least the first few nights the players don't have a curfew. that sounds like invitation for trouble however coach jim harbaugh doesn't sound too worried. >> we trust our team. some people i saw comment on the fact that the team wasn't taking pictures or videocamera when coming off the flight last night. that was not addressed
9:58 pm
by anybody. nobody nobody talked about that. that was just something that our team didn't do. for some reason. but you know suffice it to say we trust our team. >> well the 9 remembers favore favored. coach harbaugh has to be concerned about his secondary. falcons matt ryan picked him apart in the last sunday nfc championship. now facing a red hot joe flacco who out played tom brady last weak. >> any time you can stretch the field and you have a big time quarterback like flacco that can throw the ball, always down field, throw the ball in tight window, 3350 yard deep out and skinny post the way he does it makes the team close. >> after getting a big send off in baltimore the ravens flew into new orleans today. some are calling this group a team of destiny. recall they beat the broncos in the second round thanks to last minute miracle.
9:59 pm
then a ray lewis angle as the future hall of famer tries to end his contrary with superbowl titles. this is also the har bowl as ravens head coach john harbaugh tries to get the better of his younger brother. >> play any sport with jim growing up was a test of the will for all of us. jill was ahead of his time. he was bigger stronger than all the kids his age. didn't hang around with the kids his age too much. he hung around with me and my friends all the time. and he was good enough to take it to us on pretty regular basis. >>reporter: now to basketball. warrior center andrew not play for more than two months because of sore ankle but he made a good return against toronto. didn't show much rust. 8 rebounds. 4 blocked shots and 12 points. david lee had yet another double double. 21 points. 12 board. tied at 52 at the intermission. curry at 17 points. nbingd down a long 3 here but he reinjured his right ankle


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